Benefits of the Optimal blends

The water holding capacity of the fish muscle are of major
importance to commercial value and consumer acceptance.

Immediately after harvest, a series of complex changes occurs on the surface and inside the flesh of all seafood resulting in a decrease in quality. These changes are biochemical, oxidative and bacterial. To retard these changes and to retain the quality, seafood meat is treated with the Optimal blends. These blends have the unique ability to restore the natural water-binding capacity of the raw muscle.


In the seafood industry specific blends of food grade additives have a wide application and provide many functional uses. The most important advantages of such treatments are as follows:
•    Reduction of drip loss and thawing loss and thereby retaining the soluble proteins, minerals and vitamins in the product
•    Prevention of moisture migration
•    Reduction of cooking loss
•    Protection of flavour and texture
•    Improved colour retention and prevention of rancidity
•    Longer shelf-life

The use of the Optimal blends prevents the decrease in nutritional value by retaining the soluble proteins, minerals and vitamins normally lost.
A major cause of colour and flavour deterioration in muscle foods is oxidation. Lipid oxidation in white meats causes yellowing. These oxidation processes require three conditions: oxygen, an oxidizable substrate and an activator or catalyst. The catalysts are iron and copper. Additives in the Optimal blends sequester iron and copper, thereby reducing the oxidation processes.

There are no off-flavour problems with the products treated with the Optimal blends. Seafood treated with our blends reach higher scores for flavour and acceptability.