For Fish

Fish Products

You can choose from a wide range of food grade blends with or without polyphosphates for fish products.

We produce a wide range of different food grade blends
in order to gain the best quality results for different fish products.
As well, we custom tailer our ingredients to fulfill and meet the laws and regulations on different markets.

The blends you see to the left are specialized for different use. They cover your needs in addtitives for fresh, frozen, smoked, light salted and salted fish products. All these blends are easy to mix when making the suspension.

The blends provide good quality in the final product including, higher yield, good appearance, no extra taste, good texture, reduced drip and high cooking yield.

Whitening products

Upgrade the price of your fish mince by whitening

If your mince needs to be whitened we have the solution.                                                                       

Optimal 380 - “non phosphate”
The Optimal 380 blend is excellent for whitening fish mince and surimi. There is no extra taste and there is no affect on the texture. Just added value for you!